Controls for automation

10 Jan

The choice to utilize hand held controls for lights is one step nearer to the whole computer controlled house. It’s almost sure that the control of all internal services inside your home will become automatic over the next 50 years, which is ready the power over the services can give a substantial boost for the suppliers and designers of these systems. The lighting systems can now be controlled fully from the arm chair and it’s also quite usual to also fit in the power over of the question blinds or curtains on the same system.

motors and drives

The handheld controller can simply affect the lighting levels anytime, and in any kind from the room either with an individual lamp basis or on a preset setting where every one of the lights change simultaneously. This permits lighting levels to become adjusted as the needs require for instance either reading with high lighting levels or television watching on low level lighting.

It is also used as an artistic scene changer to alter the atmosphere with the room. It may focus lighting on set objects or it can set a lighting display that gives a focal point for your room. Basically the thing that was originally done by creating points of interest with furniture or fireplaces or similar items, are now able to also be made by light. The entire atmosphere with the room can be changed by changing lighting levels and even colours within lamps to offer mood changes and only more vibrant or more relaxing atmospheres. This can also be placed on to an automatic mode where the light adapts with a constant level and raises or lowers in line with the outside ambient light.

motors and drives

The hand-held controller may also be adapted to use the IR sensors to start the system the minute somebody moves in to the room, or switch on rooms in a multi room mode. The bedroom may be lit in the lounge before entry. The systems that fix this to act using the shutting from the room blinds and screens then become an obvious addition, in order that the bedroom blinds or curtains may be closed before the lights being lit. In the morning the lights can be put on or even the blinds and curtains raised prior to up.


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